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Elland Steel's Iceberg Versus Desk and Stool

The value added to our product is based on the whole of the iceberg. The job knowledge required to safely design, detail, fabricate and erect structural steelwork is so far ranging that no one person can hope to be proficient in all of the required disciplines.
That is why Elland Steel has over 100 staff employees all contributing to add value to our product.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all this can be accomplished by a “desk and stooler” short cuts are made and it always catches up with both them and you in the final reckoning.

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The New Members Club Under Construction

Why Should a New Customer Trust Elland Steel Structures Ltd to Deliver Their Next Steelwork Contract

Elland Steel have been fabricating steelwork since 1973 in a highly competitive market. We have a long track record of performance on site, coupled with strong financial performance
, the company in the next couple of months will issue accounts for the year ending 30th June 2017, which will confirm that the company has been profitable for the last 25 years.

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Explanation Of Steel Grade

An Introduction into Steel Technology for Structural Steels to BS EN 10025 -2

Steel Groups

Structural steels are identified by the leading “S” before say “S355”, they are generally easily weldable. Engineering steels, ones with the leading letter, “E”, are not easily weldable, they generally have far too much carbon in them which leads them to be far too hard.

Yield Strength
“355” is in MPa, where 1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 and is the nominal yield strength for thickness’ up to 16mm.

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Erection Of Execution Class 3 Steelwork

A Guide to the Specification of Execution Class for Building Structures

The introduction of the execution standard for structural steelwork, BS EN 1090-2 first introduced the concept of an execution class for a component of a structural frame or building.
A common error is that the structure is specified an execution class and that equally applies to all of the structural components in the structure, this is not the case and can cause an inordinate amount of money being wasted due to over specification. The structural engineer responsible for the frame is able to specify that some components may be specified to execution class EXC2 and other more critical components may be specified as EXC3. The Consulting Engineer responsible for the structural frame is expected to specify the execution class. On the introduction of BS EN 1090-2, if the execution class of the structure or components of the structure was not specified then the default execution class would be deemed to be EXC2.

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